Space Exploration Asia Exhibition

Space Exploration Asia Exhibition is modeled on The Great Exhibition of 1851 at London’s Crystal Palace. The Great Exhibition took the dreams and realities of over 14,000 exhibitors from nations as far a afield as China, India, Russia, Germany and the United States, exhibited them with visual amazement, and in the process took the innovations of its era from a scattered mass to an explosive concentration.

The Great Exhibition displayed the awesome new machines that would soon change the world-- steam locomotives, steam hammers, riveting machines, engines for ships, construction cranes, giant hydraulic presses designed to make the metal supports that would hold up the new age's bridges, watches,

Wedgewood's imitations of Chinese porcelain, and a machine that could fold paper into 2,700 envelopes per hour. The Great Exhibition turned new products and techniques like The American System, the system of manufacturing inter - changeable parts, into what we now recognize as a Revolution…the Industrial Revolution. Asia’s space community is on the brink of a similar revolution today. And you are part of it. It is time to put your revolution on the map

Space Exploration Asia Exhibition will give you a global venue in which to display your wares, to build prestige, to nail deals with buyers, to exchange information, and to fascinate your ultimate consumer, the general public and to rivet the eyes and ears of the world press. 

Space Exploration Asia Exhibition is a showcase designed to raise your prestige and your next-tech reputation.