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Space Education

Space Exploration Asia will provide consulting services for universities and K-12 educators interested in establishing or expanding space-oriented programs--from space engineering to space law and the politics of space.  If you are running a kindergarten, a grammar school, a high school, or a university, why include space studies in your curriculum?

The space industry is already a quarter of a trillion dollar business.  The first commercial satellite—Telstar—went up in 1962, over half a century ago.  Since then roughly 8,000 satellites have been launched.  And those satellites have more than paid off their costs.  In fact, they have produced substantial profits.  They've revolutionized communications, navigation, military surveillance, astrophysics, cosmology, astronomy, weather forecasting and even grape growing.

And that’s just the beginning.  When we start gardening space, we will need space builders, space transport operators, experts in
celestial mechanics,
propulsion maintenance,
zero-gravity construction,
zero-gravity materials science,
computer maintenance,
space medicine,
and space agriculture.

Not to mention space entrepreneurs, space inventors, space hospitality and entertainment specialists, and space sports professionals.

Space Exploration Asia will connect you to the experts who can help you build the kind of curriculum that will prepare your students for the jobs that already exist in space-related fields and for the jobs that will mushroom once we develop a space economy.

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