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We may have plenty to tell you about our programme of Space Exploration Asia, but in actual fact, we would urge you not just to take our word for it. We would recommend that you to talk to our people and learn more about our us. We have put together this section of the site to help you do just that, get to know us. Leadership is essential to getting things done, but the qualities of effective leaders can determine the success and longevity of an organization.

Space Exploration Asia

For 3.85 billion years, life has eagerly thrust itself into new nooks, new crannies, new niches, new frontiers, taking formerly dead atoms and kidnapping, seducing, and recruiting them into the grand enterprise of biology.  Life is so good at transforming impossible ruins into resources that today bacteria two miles beneath your feet are eating granite and turning it into food and fuel.  Turning it into cells and DNA.

Message From Chairman


Some of us fear that we are running out of resources on spaceship earth.  But a mere eight and a half minutes above our head is the gateway to more resources than we have ever dreamed. Resources waiting to be gardened and greened.  The resources of asteroids, comets, planets, and moons.  The resource of unending sunshine, the resource of infinite energy, and the resource of vast planes of real estate.  The resources of space.

Management Team

Space Exploration Asia is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.​ However, our team of advisory board members and panel of  associate partners are located internationally across the globe.

International Advisory Board

Our International Advisory Board comprise of experts of various fields in space exploration. We are here to assist you in your respective ambition of Space Exploration.

Associate Partners


We are proud to be associated with fellow Space Exploration Advocates from around the world.  Our Associate Partners comprises of establishments from Governments, NGOs, Institutions, Corporate as well as esteem individuals.