Infrastructure Planning

Local and regional authorities play a central role in ensuring the socio-economic prosperity of their regions. Satellite information and services support efficient decision-making, integrated planning and offer innovative tools for boosting regional development. Various organisations  helps local and regional authorities make the most of satellite services.

As Local authorities across all countries face growing challenges in serving their local communities at a time of increasing pressure on their budgets and resources.

It is widely recognized that good public infrastructure can attract investors and businesses, and that clean, safe and dynamic cities helps attract visitors, retain skilled workers, and harbor healthy, vibrant and inclusive communities. Delivering these with decreasing resources is a  major challenge and innovative tools and solutions can offer significant resource and efficiency savings as part of the response.               


By 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas, with significant concentrations of people in 50 or more mega-cities around the planet. But many of the fastest growing cities of the world are currently relatively small urban settlements. The rapid pace of change poses challenges to urban planners in ensuring efficient city infrastructure management, and the need for accurate information and insights requires a timely flow of actionable data from land use satellites.

Traditional mapping methods can struggle to keep up with such rapid changes, preventing successful sustainable ‘smart city’ development. Remote sensing technology offers new answers to old problems of how to manage sustainable urban development and meet the ever-increasing demand from city-based populations. Such developments, in any part of the world, can now be most effectively and affordably monitored using a new generation of smart city satellite to support urban zoning, population density mapping and planning the cities of the future.

For today’s urban planners land use satellite imagery is an invaluable source of information supporting planning decisions for local and national government and related services, whether it is housing provision, traffic management, city infrastructure management or law enforcement.

- Zoning and urban planning
- 3D modelling including digital city creation
- City infrastructure modelling
- Carbon footprint, pollution and traffic analysis
- Security reviews and law enforcement planning