We aim to be in a number of International Working Groups and Strategic Planning Committees. These are convened to discuss multilateral issues such as increasing the global understanding of climate change, the scientific utilization of the International Space Station, Mars exploration, etc. We endeavor to use our networks to provide support and advisory to assist  nations, corporations, universities, and individuals find their role in the march of biomass beyond the cradle of just one earth.

Conference & Trainings

Through our conferences and trainings we will bring together the global space exploration stakeholders, including senior administrators and exploration managers from the major space agencies, industry, governments, corporates ,academia and NGO's. This will be a platform for results, exchange ideas, debate roadmaps, and discuss the future opportunities provided by human and robotic space exploration, in addition to benefiting from access to space.


Space Exploration Asia Exhibition is modeled on The Great Exhibition of 1851 at London’s Crystal Palace. The Great Exhibition took the dreams and realities of over 14,000 exhibitors from nations as far a afield as China, India, Russia, Germany and the United States, exhibited them with visual amazement, and in the process took the innovations of its era from a scattered mass to an explosive concentration.

We Connect You


Space Information


Our job is to stimulate and inspire.  Our task is to gather the most uplifting and expert dreams of the global space community and to present them to the public.  Our goal is to build what Howard Bloom in his book The Genius of the Beast calls The infrastructure of Fantasy, the infrastructure on which all of humankind’s impossible achievements have been built. 

When space pioneer and prophet Buzz Aldrin, one of the most advanced engineering and astronautics minds on the planet, has a new vision of a space ecosystem connecting the earth, the moon, and Mars, we will show it to you. 

When Robert Zubrin, founder of the Mars Society, a nuclear physicist and one of the world’s most extraordinary space visionaries, foresees a triangle trade between Earth, the Moon, Mars and the asteroid belt, a trade that could triple the GHP, the gross human product, and could make even the poorest among us wealthy, we will show you that vision. 

When America’s National Space Society has a vision of your life in a space colony with farms, forests, parks, and a house bigger than Bill Gates’, we will show you that vision so vividly that you can touch and feel it.

We engage with governments in Asia and the globe , with its agencies, by providing advisory consultations through our vast network, linking them with the right people with the know how and also keeping abreast with current news.

We also endeavor to encourage and assist universities and colleges to have more curriculum or faculties on space exploration and space technology programme. we aim to achieve this by providing teachers and lectures with more exposure,networks, tools and resources to facilitate their knowledge via training and sharing of information from our various international networks ,with the ultimate goal of advancing the fields of science and technology.

We engage with corporate to introduce and explore the various facets  of space exploration  as an untapped rich business market opportunity , in addition to be part of our vast network of space  advocates.

​Engaging the general public by creating awareness of space exploration and its benefits, with the vision to garner more support from the people for the benefit of the people.

We will facilitate the above functions through various modes and forms of communications

What We Do?