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What We Do?

Our job is to stimulate and inspire.


Our task is to gather experts of the global space technology community and its practitioners and to present them via Conferences and International Farm Study Tour Programmes to Educational Institutions, Corporations, Governments and its Agencies, Students and Entrepreneurs and NGO's.


Since 8 years ago our platform is to educate and showcase advancements in engineering, spinoffs of Space Technology and advancements from AI, robotics, drones, IOT, automation and relevant technologies involved in the supply chain in industries.

For the last 4 years we have been focusing on Precision Agriculture, Precision Dairy and Precision Livestock Technology Farm Study Tour programmes in New Zealand and Australia by visiting farmers of Smart Farms of various sizes and tech companies to study, benchmark and better understand the utilization of these technologies.


We endeavor our clients and partners will be better informed by first hand experience and in return to enable them to use these technologies or customized them for their own plantations, farms and companies .


We are currently expanding our programmes to Asia and Europe.


Looking forward to hear from you.

Conference & Trainings​

Through our conferences and trainings, we bring together global space exploration technology’s community stakeholders, including senior administrators and exploration managers from major Space Agencies, Industry players, Governments, Corporates, Tech Companies, Practitioners, Start-ups, Academia, Students and NGO's.


Farm Study Tour Programme​

Our Farm Study Tour Programmes gives our participants first-hand, on the farm technology, experience of Precision Agriculture, Precision Livestock, and Precision Dairy Technologies utilised from small to large scale farms and facilities. The programmes are usually run by farmers themselves, many of them being of world class standard.

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