Conference, Seminars, Talks and Trainings

Through our conferences and training we will bring together the global space exploration stakeholders, including senior administrators and exploration managers from the major space agencies, industry, governments, corporate  academia and NGO's. This will be a platform for results, exchange ideas, debate road-maps  and discuss the future opportunities provided by human and robotic space exploration, in addition to benefiting from access to space.

Our conferences will be the place for reaching together common goals, by collaborating and demonstrating the rich potential for exploration of each of the target destinations, delivering benefits to all nations.Developing Space will reflect the international effort to define feasible and sustainable exploration pathways to the Moon, near-Earth asteroids, Mars,…
Our comprehensive programme will include high-level plenary events, keynote lectures and technical sessions that will address plans for space exploration and explore how industry, politics, and law will help shape the future environment for this exciting domain of astronautics.It is expected to be the forum for fruitful discussions and timely which promotes networking across the international community.

Asian Space Technology Summit 2017