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Feng Hsu

Dr. Feng Hsu is a U.S. expert with several decades of experience in the field of Risk Analysis, Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) assessment for complex engineering systems. Formerly a staff research engineer at world renowned Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Dr. Hsu has worked extensively on reliability, probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) and management theory and methodology research for nuclear reactor safety since the 1980s. He became senior staff engineer/scientist and joined NASA’s SAIC team in the Shuttle & Exploration Analysis Department at Johnson Space Center in Houston in 2000.

Dr. Hsu was the lead engineering analyst and project manager working as technical expert in the space center on NASA’s key program areas, such as PRA, SMA for the Space Shuttle, International Space Station as well as the risk-informed design assessment for the new generation space launch and crew exploration vehicle systems.

Dr. Hsu has published extensively and co-authored several books by CG Publishing and Aerospace Technology Working Group. For his work, Dr. Hsu has also won numerous research and service awards from NASA, among others. After several years as head of Integrated Risk Management at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center,

Dr. Hsu has decided to take on greater challenges to support the private space industry and is now senior vice president of Systems Engineering and Risk Management for Space Energy, and is fully dedicated to the development of a space solar power satellite demo project for delivering safe, permanently renewable, environmentally friendly and economically feasible space solar power for sustainable development of mankind.

Dr. Hsu was until recently head of the NASA GSFC risk management function, and was the GSFC lead on the NASA-MIT joint project for risk-informed decision-making support on key NASA programs, as GPM, LSS and the CxP etc. He was also a leading engineer/scientist in the Shuttle and Exploration Analysis Department at JSC in Houston, and led key projects such as the Shuttle PRA modeling & integration; SLEP and Shuttle upgrade trade studies.

Dr. Hsu served on many agency and center expert panels supporting challenging SMA issues, including his key roles in the STS-107 (Space Shuttle Columbia) investigation team, the Return to Flight team, and ECO expert team for the Discovery mission.

Dr. Hsu has over 90 publications and is co-author of two books and co-chair of several technical committees. He is frequently invited as a keynote speaker on many international forums, and is increasingly dedicated to frontier research ranging from human space exploration; solar energy to global collective intelligence and risk based policy-making on emerging environmental and energy security issues. Dr. Hsu holds a bachelors degree in Applied Math, masters degree in Operations Research and Statistics and a doctoral degree in Engineering Science.

As senior advisory of Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) and a co-founder of Space Development Steering Committee, Dr. Hsu has been a strong advocate for Space Based Solar Power for years and was instrumental in instigating the 2007 NSSO study on space solar energy and has contributed whole-heartedly to the great human endeavor of harnessing solar energy for sustainable human development.

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