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Space Exploration Advisory

We are plugged in to many of the world’s most extraordinary minds, hands-on experts in the economic development of space. 

These are mega-experts it would be hard for you to find and access on your own.  When you are ready to feel out your role in the upcoming space economy, your role in humankind’s most extraordinary expansion, and your role in life’s next great leap, we will be there to give you the authorities who can help you explore your potential. 

When you are ready to establish yourself as a global leader by identifying your government, your political candidate, your company, your educational system, or your university with life’s future in space, we will connect you with precisely the thinkers and doers who can help lift you to the heights you aspire to achieve.

To accomplish these goals we aim to be in a number of International Working Groups and Strategic Planning Committees. These are convened to discuss multilateral issues such as increasing the global understanding of climate change, the scientific utilization of the International Space Station, Mars exploration, etc. we endeavor to use our networks to provide support and advisory to assist  nations, corporations, universities, and individuals find their role in the march of biomass beyond the cradle of just one earth.

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