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Was NASA's New Space Suit Inspired by Buzz Lightyear?

A prototype space suit developed by NASA wouldn't look out of place on the set of Toy Story. That's because the suit, called Z-1, bears an uncanny resemblance to the intercosmic uniform worn by Buzz Lightyear.


For the uninitiated, Buzz is the "space-ranger" star of Toy Story, a popular computer-animated film franchise. The Z-1, a white suit lined with neon green, looks remarkably similar to the astronaunt action figure's outfit.

The Advanced Space Suit team of the NASA-Johnson Space Center performed a series of tests with the prototype suit, including waist and hip testing and joint torque testing. What is learned from the Z-1 will be applied to the Z-2, the next-generation prototype, according to NASA.


"The data we're gathering now will feed tools that will help us build better suits in the future," said Amy Ross, head of the Space Suit Assembly Technology Development team. "It's a big deal for the group because this kind of designing, building and testing hasn't been done for about a decade."

To check out the Z-1, watch the video, above. Then, tell us in the comments: Do you think NASA's latest space suit looks similar to Buzz Lightyear's gear?

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