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How to fly a human mission to a Near Earth Asteroid. This video was created before NASA'S Constellation program was cancelled. But it could be flown with new generation private or government vehicles. 

Could global warming, a problem here on Earth, be the solution to making Mars a habitable planet? 

US firm announced an ambitious project to build a lunar space elevator that could transport both robots and humans using an existing technology, in less than a decade 

This design is based on the famous Stanford Torus.This one is quite a bit larger but still rotates at about 1RPM to provide centripetal* force in order to simulate gravity approximating 1G

Some near earth asteroids contain up to 20 Trillion $ in USD. There are practically an infinite number of asteroids in the universe, in fact this solar system is small compared to the really large solar systems, the universe is always creating new star systems.


Everyone knows that eight planets orbit the Sun. But thousands of other objects, including icy comets and football field-sized asteroids, are also zooming around our solar system. And some of them could be on a collision course with Earth. 

SSPS (Space Solar Power System) is technology to generate solar power in the geostationary orbit and transmit it to Earth. JAXA is engaging in research on this system. 

The most up-to-date data comes from CelesTrak which is funded by the Center for Space Standards and Innovation, located in Colorado Springs

Take a closer look at the gargantuan density of a neutron star as it drifts through space with BBC science show 'Death Star'. Scientists explian the potential effect an explosion from a neutron star within our galaxy would have on Earth.

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