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​Our Mission​

​“Bring space to life by bringing life to space.” - Howard Bloom


​Space  Exploration Asia exists to catalyze life’s third great leap.

- Life’s first great leap was the jump from the comfort of the sea to the hostile barrens of the land.  That move resulted in over fifty million new ways to make a living—over fifty million new species of plants, animals and living things.​


- Life’s second great leap came when dinosaurs took to the utter emptiness of the skies and became birds.  That leap produced so many new ways to make a living that there are now twice as many species of birds as there are of us land-crawling mammals.​

- Life’s third great leap is the eight and a half minute jump beyond the pull of earth’s gravity, the eight and a half minute climb beyond the skies, the climb to a front stoop that looks out on an entire universe, a cosmos waiting to be turned from desert to greenery.

For 3.85 billion years, life has eagerly thrust itself into new nooks, new crannies, new niches, new frontiers, taking formerly dead atoms and kidnapping, seducing, and recruiting them into the grand enterprise of biology.  Life is so good at transforming impossible ruins into resources that today bacteria two miles beneath your feet are eating granite and turning it into food and fuel.  Turning it into cells and DNA.  Bacteria often outdo us in research and development.  But we cannot let them outdo us in audacity.  We have an obligation on behalf of life and its diversity.  We are the only species able to take life beyond the atmosphere, beyond the clutch of gravity.

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